May. 28th, 2012

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Bird nest above our front door, v2.0: So this Phoebe (small insect-eating bird) made a nest perched on a stone outcropping under our eaves. Very protected spot but not much of an outcropping. It attracted a mate and raised a clutch of chicks...

But when they got bigger the weight was too much and the nest fell! We found them one morning dead on the front stoop with the fallen nest- so sad! (Actually we found one alive and placed it in the nest in a nearby bush, and it got food and care from the parents and recovered- yay, one for our team!)

Then the bird started building again in the same spot. Fearing the same outcome, we decided to help. First a series of rods drilled into the stone wall provided a safety shelf, then some copper wire arches to support the bottom of the growing nest. The bird responded by building MORE of a cantilever out over the arches. So next I had to add these Steampunk wire-and-willow-twig buttresses. Not frightened away by our meddling, the bird seems to accept these improvements and keeps building, incorporating more of our structure. Hope it works this time, it's a team effort! </ geeks at play>


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