Oct. 23rd, 2010 08:19 pm
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Oh, and this DOES mean that I spent 5 hours on a lovely fall afternoon making spreadsheets, including several possible treatment use scenarios and their costs.
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I'm looking at health insurance plans in Massachusetts. Neighborhood Health plan seems like the lowest cost option by a LOT, but my PGP and GYN are not on their plan. Do they HAVE any good doctors who are taking new patients, or is this the scenario where they are so low cost that no-one wants to take their patients and you are left without a PCP?

Anyone have actual experience with them?
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] noire !

haz phone!

Aug. 18th, 2010 01:07 am
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Back on the air using Wiley's handmedown iPhone. This means i can try it out without committing to the 2-year contract. whee!

I did lose some contact info, if we exchanged phone numbers in the last 8-12 months, or want to make sure i have it, please msg me with yours again, or comment here (screened). Thanks!

phone gone

Aug. 9th, 2010 10:42 pm
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stolen phone- and in case i'm not ready to commit to an iphone yet, anyone have an older unused DumbPhone (voice & txt) on AT&T that I could have? small payment offered.

Oh, and I've turned off the service till i enable a new phone- please email or chat me up instead!
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after they've seen Pareeee?

Well our back screen door doesn't shut automatically or latch that well, and it got open this evening, letting 2 cats out before we noticed. They were discovered right near the back porch in the grass and coaxed in (Zera needed a laser pointer), but now they know that THROUGH THAT DOOR is THE BIGGEST POT OF GRASS EVER!!!

They're both worrying at the door trying to get out again.

(we promised the pound we got them from that they'd never ever go out, I'd be tempted to let them anyway, but it's mad tick season right now and Zera won't really let us touch her enough yet to check her for ticks. And doesn't yet come when she's called. And we have coyotes, so overnights out aren't safe.)
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This Saturday at noon at Cambridge River Fest with Goli (In the Figment Dome),
and Thursday June 17 at Club Oberon, "Summer Saturnalia" with the Boston Circus Guild and Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band!
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This is taking some time to go away. Well, partying sunday night didn't help, but I've been good and getting rest the whole rest of the last 2 weeks. At least my voice is coming back now!
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Does anyone here have a favorite t-shirt printer? They seem to average about $4 for mens and $6-ish for womens shirts and the total seems to be about $600 for 100 black shirts with a one-color graphic. Anyone have personal experience with a company for either cheaper or good-quality? Some shirts wind up being really thin.
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Another post about Ben's musical career and our other favorite music, this time world/electronica: Zebbler Encanti Experience is going to be opening for Schpongle, Sunday night May 16 at the Paradise! It may already be sold out, so gotta move fast!
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My boyfriend Ben (encanti) is playing with Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, this Friday evening at Outpost 186! (

EDIT: New scuttlebutt is that it's not them jamming as some of us have witnessed at parties, the Birdsongs folk have written some new songs, and Ben's sitting in as part of the band. I'll be interested to see what they're writing now!

(The stuff I've heard them do together when they're just jamming seems to me less jazz and more updated rhythmic electronica... as he puts it, "Encanti live acid-techno beats with experimental jazz band Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: Together we sound like Future Sound of London meets Miles Davis in space." I liked it a lot.

Good chance to see Birdsongs doing their new stuff in a small venue, too!
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Early Warning: We're holding this year's Rig Raising on Saturday the Ides of May. That means, come help lift things if you can, and we'll ply you with food and drink! Also, playtime in the backyard and a hottub.
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By Sarah Pierce. 1) Gorgeous! 2) Curvy lines are hard to cut.

Blessed be His Savoriness.
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Trying not to have a headcold today. OMG geekgasm! I have tea and cats, and am coding up a storm here.
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Why yes, we DID unclog our sink drains today!
With judicious application of the shop air compressor by guess who.
Now back to our regularly scheduled frobbing and loafing.
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Do we have a local friend in the community i can refer people to, to get taxes done?
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Damp and chilly, but the air is fresh and full of optimism. Feels like maine!


Mar. 26th, 2010 12:24 am
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+Peepers going full blast tonight!
+New kitties getting friendlier. i could touch the little one and rub the bigger one's tummy.
+Radar remains extra affectionate.
--I got a ticket weds night from a cop in my town, who pulled me over and never said why, then said he decided to ticket me cause he was offended that i answered my ringing phone after i was stopped (it was P wondering what happened to me). I think we're going to appeal this one.
++P made fabulous deconstructed guocamole and chili dogs for dinner tonight.
--I've got a headache from doing about 10 straight hours of design and production work at a client's office- they need ALL their materials redesigned THIS WEEK!! cue the panic, politics, etc. Paycheck for me
+Two seders next week!
--sleep dep. bed now.
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After all that rain and warm... peep chirp chirp peep


Mar. 7th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Feels like the first day of spring!: Short stroll in the woods: saw a robin and the first shoots of skunk cabbage.
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