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This is about 2 weeks late, but a couple weeks ago I pulled an all-nighter to complete a bed quilt for my grandmother's birthday. She likes yellow, so yellow it is. She called and said she liked it. Here is a picture!

(I think the all-nighter was what started me off getting sick... i am almost better now...)
Note to self: It takes AT LEAST 3 days to make a bed quilt!
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Just got a note from a friend of ours who used to be an assistant instructor, and camped with us at Burningman! He's in Montreal in a circus!

He says:
"It's so much more comfortable here than in New York. The people are more friendly, its a lot cheaper, beautiful, much more European and the circus is amazing. I train between 3-5 hours a day, five days a week and I just recently started with a new trainer who is amazing. People come from all over the world to work with him. Circus in general is huge here, and its such a higher caliber than anywhere in the US."

Here is text about the show from the web:


La Caserne 18-30 présente de nouveau son spectacle annuel où une trentaine d'artistes circassiens performent devant public pour le plaisir des petits et des grands. Au programme, des numéros de trapèze, de tissu aérien, de la jonglerie, des acrobaties et, bien sûr, des clowns. L'entrée pour les enfants n'est que de 5 $. Le Circa Zerna 2005 a lieu les 29 et 30 avril à 19 h 30 au 3622, rue Hochelaga. Info: (514) 872-4498.

Here is the link:
(halfway down the page: Cirque Zerna 2005)
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What do you recommend for a photo gallery tool we can run here, and use it to post galleries on the server here? Was thinking of web services, but there's really no reason not to keep all the bits in-house.
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Going out to see [livejournal.com profile] goat as Juicy the Clown in Lowell tonight!

[edit: they rocked! Fun show. Goat's act was terriffic, and so were couple of others. Quite a variety. Saw nice people. For future reference it was at 119 Gallery (911gallery.org) on Chelmsford St.]

Maybe a stop at Ankgor Kingdom afterward, good Cambodian food at 602 Merrimack St, and they're open late.

[edit: they aren't! Ankgor Kingdom no longer offers food at night. Bugger. But we did wind up at a perfectly serviceable little diner on Dutton.]

Today was spent doing fixit work in Malden, more siding was installed, and finally I buttoned up the back door kickplate with flashing and everything. Maybe I will sleep better tonight and not wake up with 6 am terrors about the house.

oh wow

Oct. 19th, 2005 09:14 pm
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I subscribed to the Texture community (photos) a while back. Here is one... a Lego dragon!


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