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Have been trying to jumpstart a return to peak fitness, lately, only to be foiled by workload and holiday... Yesterday i at least got in a good intense workout to combat the Turkish desserts, mentioned above :)

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gym, yay

Feb. 17th, 2006 10:13 pm
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To balance out the long hours spent sitting in a chair and hacking,...

Been going to the gym about twice a week lately... not ideal, but better. Going back up in weights to my old levels. Now getting some stares/comments from the guys, to the effect that few women seem to actually expend effort to lift the most they can... i mean, why not?? There are a few more women these days lifting more-than-tiny amounts, but still not the norm. It's not like you will suddenly be plagued by giant unwanted muscles, girls, trust me...

In other news, doing Stairmaster too. Used to hate aerobic exercise, but getting used to it now. Kind of meditative. The gym has solved their horrible-radio problem and subscribed to the High Energy channel... much better (odd range of techno, rock, hip-hop, and seventies/eighties dance music.) Still need to bring earphones and music, as the gym's music doesn't pipe past the whirring of the treadmill area.

Tempted to bring a silk to hang off the chinup bars... pity they don't give us access to the 30-foot metal ceiling trusses. I wanna do hip-key practice. Maybe from the livingroom ceiling...


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