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Today we ate the last fresh tomato from our garden. It was a big ripe beefsteak tomato, probably 7.5" across, which had fallen off the vine weeks ago when hard and green, when it got cold and the vines died. But it had slowly ripened on the kitchen table. I passed over it when making green tomato chutney with the other, smaller and more flawed green tomatoes, cause it was big and pretty and amazingly starting to ripen.

We cut steaks from it tonight and made a BLT with the wheat bread [livejournal.com profile] frobzwiththingz made. Some more of it got chopped and made into a Mediterranean salad with goat cheese and Balsamic vinegar, and the rest got stewed in a pan, English breakfast style. It wasn't the greatest tomato, but it wasn't bad, and that's pretty amazing for mid-November.

This was a very late year, the plants took forever to get started in the spring, and we covered them with plastic sheeting to protect them from the September cold spell, but they got a blight from the humidity and died off anyway. I had a huge pile of green tomatoes and partially ripe ones to deal with, as well as a bunch of ripened but not so pretty ones. So there is sauce and relish in the freezer and chutney in cans.

Another note: Those tiny yellow pear tomatoes from Fedco produce amazingly well, and late, too.


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