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In between packing, must repost this from the design list...

OMG... radiators. *dies of design envy*

Hm, custom castings... "You can *make* radiators? I thought you had to *buy* radiators!"
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Well i =went up in the attic in late afternoon, while the noises were going on, but there was no evidence of critters up there except for a few seeds and mouse-droppings. I'm assuming even squirrels would make noticeable nests amid the insulation... nothing was perceptibly disturbed, and there have been no scampering sounds around the rest of the attic area, no holes on the exterior. so now I'm figuring it's just mice tunneling below the insulation, and i can hear them so well cause they're in an acoustically unfortunate part of the eaves right over my head. Off to buy mothballs as suggested by y'all.


I thought there was a funky smell coming from behind the fridge, and Radar thought something was up back there too. Well today I pulled the fridge out from the wall and took off the back panel. Sure enough, MICE NESTS!!
(And whoa was the floor under there gross too, by the way.) So now: all is vacuumed and disinfected, panel is still off awaiting cat inspection, and I'm trying to decide if a well-placed mothball in there would poison the humans in the kitchen also. Can't leave cover off indefinitely, whirring (plastic) fan blades + cats.

sunny day!

Dec. 3rd, 2006 12:41 am
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But too cold to do exterior painting, so I raked the yard! Not quite done, but a lot got done. The sunshine was nice out amongst the trees, but the sun's so low in the sky even in the middle of the day! getting too dark to work by 3-3:30, but the slanting yellow light was nice on the moss and pine needles. Makes me think how in the far north, it must look like that all the time... Also, went to the gym for a strenuous workout. Unh!

This evening, P and I ate some micro-steaks from [livejournal.com profile] goddessfarmer's micro-cattle (the yum!) and saw the latest Battlestar Galactica. Tomorrow we go help [livejournal.com profile] jim_p muck out a storage container!
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In between web work this afternoon, I took out the ladder and replaced the motion-activated driveway light on the garage with a new one. Luckily, i got it in place and caulked before it got dark and started raining. Hope the caulk doesn't get washed down the wall before it has a chance to set up!

(electrical box was badly installed, held in by one short screw. Put more screws in, caulked the GAPING HOLE that was letting bees into the attic.) Now the thing doesn't seem to turn on unless it's in test mode: either the motion sensor needs adjusting, or the weird wiring needs to get redone (the previous owner put in some arcane setup where you need to flip TWO light switches inside the house to get that light to work). Next up: get lights in the attic and figure out wiring.

Addendum: It works! seems it had a warmup sequence, and it works better in the dark. Whew! Still need to find out where that extra switch goes, tho.
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I rented a power washer for a half-day and managed to get the whole house plus deck done.

Good thing it was only a half day, cause then you start thinking: "What ELSE can I power-wash?"
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This weekend was divided between sleep, some seeing people, and house projects. I re-sealed the front door threshold with heavy-duty polyurethane, and re-shingled half of the gable over the back door, which had been rotting out a bit.

whee. In better news, p and a showed up unexpectedly! we went and hung out some at a local playground.


Apr. 30th, 2006 01:23 pm
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oog- still kind of out of it. staying home to recuperate. Maybe today i can do some work on the shingles and trim of the house, and nap.


Apr. 29th, 2006 11:28 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] frobzwiththingz and I spent the afternoon in the basement of the other house, fixing a leaky pipe. Oh, and running to the hardware store for more parts. Oh joy... at least it got done, and we ate sushi afterward.

Yow, the Sushi Peninsula has a new fish supplier, new fancy maki rolls, and is still as rasonably priced as ever!

Tomorrow will be good for puttering at home, cleaning, etc. Get tires on new bike.

Oh, and there are new neighbors in the house next to us... we might have lucked out, he is a geek and they have no kids. But they drive an SUV. Hrm. Time wll tell.
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Woke up ill with general flu bug. Sat in bed worrying about lists of things to do.
Was woken again shortly after by the man coming to pump out the septic system (routine maintenance).
Put on insufficient clothing and stood in cold drizzle watching a hole get dug and ick being pumped. This was mildly interesting.
Noticed more hole in the ground, poked about, discovered effluent pipe had become partially disconnected from tank, and partly blocked. P was up by then and we all nattered about it for a while, finally making an appointment for Tank Guy to come back next week and dig up the side yard and replace the pipe.

Now i'm drinking tea, doing work, and feeling sleepy. At least the woodstove is going and there are cats.


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