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so, it seems the antique greasy crud was the only thing forming a seal on one of those shutoff valves...

i go to Malden to do a simple faucet replacement, and by the time i un-wedge the shutoff valves under the sink, one of them has a slight leak that apparently won't stop no matter what position the handle is in. There is no upstream shutoff until the inflow to that apartment's water heater... and our pipe sweating kit is at home 1.5 hrs RT away- plus have to buy new valves and other parts.... (tenants get home and start using water at 6). Call P to come down with the kit and supplies, no answer.

Spent the time waiting for a callback, also doing groundskeeping out in the cold, raking leaves and baling sticks into the back of the Box for disposal in our woods. Brrr.

So, i have a bucket under the malfunctioning valve and twiddle it so it seems to be hardly leaking at all... buy supplies on the way home. Turns out new faucets expect the flexi-hose connector anyway and i didn't have them, so, good. Plan B: re-plumb the whole area with P tomorrow daytime, be able to stay into the evening if anything goes horribly wrong. (as it can do in old houses...)

mushroom, mushroom...
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Saw one person for it today but not sure they will be a good fit, so i'm mentioning it again here: 1-BR apartment for rent in Malden, friendly landlady (me!)
the details
Can show it Wed, thurs, fri this week. Maybe even Monday midday if someone's hot to see it.
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Woof! Yesterday afternoon was spent with the lovely P in a hot attic replacing a bathroom fan. Thankfully we got to a stopping place just in time for yummy dinner with [livejournal.com profile] lyonesse and her friend ilsa! But that lasted till late-ish, and then we were sleepy.

Today was: computer work, then back to Malden with P to finish the bathroom light, replace/rebuild the toilet, and do more spackle and paint stuff. (Previous tenants seem to have made an Olympic event out of putting dings and holes in my walls, the asses.)
Whoo! The new tenants showed up. They are nice. Then, home for a bath!

Now, bed.
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So the upstairs people in my Malden house have a baby, and are leaving for a bigger place.
Draft of apartment ad here.
(short form: 1-bedroom with study, ideal for a single professional or young couple without too much stuff, working North of Boston (128 area) or downtown.)

We're looking for a renter to be upstairs neighbors to [livejournal.com profile] plaidsheep and her sweetie.

Advice sought:
1) Know anyone who wants to live there, starting Aug. 1 or Sept 1?
2) I will be unavailable to deal with this for 2 weeks in mid-august. Should I hire a realtor? Know any good ones? My hope is that a realtor would make everything easy, my fear is that they would find Just Anyone who would be a bad tenant or a bad fit for the place, just to get a quick commission.
3) Should i advertise it as a 1 or 2 bedroom? (I could call it a 2-bedroom but then i get people who think it's too small- it is a bit smaller than the downstairs apartment. It was a great place for me to live alone and run a business. The last 2 sets of tenants were couples, and each of them had a baby and left inside of 2 years.)
4) How early do people start looking for their September rentals? The tenants originally planned to leave June 1 and have been thinking of staying on- should I get the apt vacant for July 1 so as to show it vacant and uncluttered for the early lookers? That would mean forfeiting a month's rent, but I *don't* want to miss the september rental season and have to show it in winter. Plus in July I can show it myself and avoid a realtor's fee.
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I had scheduled myself to go to Malden today, take delivery of 2 big shed kits from O'Connors (well pick them up and wrestle them onto the roofrack, possibly 2 trips worth), set up the sheds and then do interior toilet maintenance. It's EFFING COLD out (7 degrees on my back porch), and i woke up with a headache, and i have a pile of graphics work to get done. I wonder how bad it would be to flake out on landlording today and stay home with the computer? None of these things are emergencies, i just told myself and others i'd do them. OTOH i have paying web clients waiting for stuff too.


Apr. 29th, 2006 11:28 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] frobzwiththingz and I spent the afternoon in the basement of the other house, fixing a leaky pipe. Oh, and running to the hardware store for more parts. Oh joy... at least it got done, and we ate sushi afterward.

Yow, the Sushi Peninsula has a new fish supplier, new fancy maki rolls, and is still as rasonably priced as ever!

Tomorrow will be good for puttering at home, cleaning, etc. Get tires on new bike.

Oh, and there are new neighbors in the house next to us... we might have lucked out, he is a geek and they have no kids. But they drive an SUV. Hrm. Time wll tell.
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I'm showing the apartment on Friday at noon, to someone who only speaks ASL. Anyone want to come and interpret? I can buy you lunch afterward...

EDIT: yes, i KNOW a pad of paper will work fine, duh... i just thought it'd be fun if someone I knew wanted practice interpreting- a nice gesture, and an excuse to have lunch.
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The nice lady that just moved in downstairs, has to leave cause her SO got a new job elsewhere. Soooo... it's for rent! Know anyone who needs an apt in Malden?

Details here
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The very front of the house is now sided. It looks SO much better!

And for your delectation, here is a letter to my upstairs tenant:

*** M wrote, "Also, the garbage disposal doesn't seem to be working" ***

"Dear M,

The kitchen light has been replaced. The new fixture should be brighter, it uses 3 standard bulbs. If it seems too bright or you want to conserve electricity, you can always remove one or more bulbs.

The disposal has been fixed. It was jammed due to about a third of a cup of small ROCKS being put down it. They were multicolored, ranging in size from 1/8 to 3/8 inch diameter, and may have come from either potting plants or cleaning aquariums in the sink. We spent about half an hour removing the rocks from where they were stuck in the mechanism and were able to un-jam the unit. Please note that a sink disposall is not generally supposed to be able to deal with ROCKS, and any malfunctions therefrom should not be considered the fault of the unit or the responsibility of the landlord.

In the future please use a sink strainer when dealing with un-grindables in the sink; I recommend the wire mesh ones now sold in most supermarkets and hardware stores.

Best wishes,

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Going out to see [livejournal.com profile] goat as Juicy the Clown in Lowell tonight!

[edit: they rocked! Fun show. Goat's act was terriffic, and so were couple of others. Quite a variety. Saw nice people. For future reference it was at 119 Gallery (911gallery.org) on Chelmsford St.]

Maybe a stop at Ankgor Kingdom afterward, good Cambodian food at 602 Merrimack St, and they're open late.

[edit: they aren't! Ankgor Kingdom no longer offers food at night. Bugger. But we did wind up at a perfectly serviceable little diner on Dutton.]

Today was spent doing fixit work in Malden, more siding was installed, and finally I buttoned up the back door kickplate with flashing and everything. Maybe I will sleep better tonight and not wake up with 6 am terrors about the house.
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The downstairs renter in Malden called up first thing this morning, saying she couldn't get the furnace to work. This is a fairly new (gas) furnace, but one we turned off while doing renovations this summer. She said she had tried to light it but it wouldn't stay on. wtf??

I told her it did need to be relit, and asked her to look at the instructions on the side of the furnace cause it's really just a matter of take the panel off, twist this knob, push that button, and it's on.

Luckily for me, she called back at about 3 pm saying yes, it worked fine.

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There is a new floor in the first-floor apartment! Granted it's mid-price cheap stick-down tiles, but they cover a multitude of ills (those being the old set of cheap stick-down tiles). New surface! If it looks ok for 5 years I'll be happy, as it will delay a full kitchen renovation.


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