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After the last shed, we measured the skin, and he's about 30 inches!

Almost time to set him back out, but there was frost at our place last night... doesn't stopthe peepers, but not sure if he will find a den to hole up in. Anyone know when frosts end in our little climate zone? I need to start the outdoor plants, too.

Willow is leafing out now! Maples are budding.
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Well, Snake has started eating the fish again. Who knows? Gave him some bigger ones after a 2-day hiatus, and he went right after 'em. Worms are also still on the menu. Seems perky enough, too. Cute!
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Snake shed its skin this morning!

He'd been hiding out a lot and his eyes went milky/cloudy, which is apparently the usual way it goes. Then his eyes got normal again and he started exporing again! Had he just been sick? A quick call to our snake expert [livejournal.com profile] water_childe assured us this was normal, and it could be up to another week before shedding happened. Huh, weird.

But then first thing this morning, there he was sitting immersed in his water bath, looking all smooth and new, with the old skin draped over the sides of the bath! We musta just missed the show. (need a snake cam?) He was all peppy this morning, and ate 2 worms. The scarred spots on his sides seem to have disappeared, a bit left on the tail.



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