Jan. 25th, 2008 12:34 am
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+Saw nice people
+Went to fun parties
+Looked good in a dress
+Mixed drinks in a test tube (phial?)
+Saw dancing storm troopers and a life-size moving Jabba the Hutt, with tongue
+Saw a bellydance version of the Time Warp
+Saw Skunkadelia and Haptoliciousness
+Listened to readings of sexy literature

-Did not come up with new hard SF to read, though.
***EDIT: WOW, comments contain a bunch of good recommendations! read on!
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This weekend was divided between sleep, some seeing people, and house projects. I re-sealed the front door threshold with heavy-duty polyurethane, and re-shingled half of the gable over the back door, which had been rotting out a bit.

whee. In better news, p and a showed up unexpectedly! we went and hung out some at a local playground.
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Seen in email- we're booked up tonite, but some of you may be interested- or later in the week.

Tonight the U.S. Men's Olympic curling team (winners of the bronze medal) compete in the World Mens Curling championship. This is a week-long event, and the U.S. is currently in first place. Additional seats will certainly be available at the box office.

Go to for more information.
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My activity this afternoon involved crispy fried garlic! Yum!
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nice night yesterday. After a restful day of hacking and puttering, P and I met [ profile] lyonesse for a brief dinner at Southeast Asian (alas, they get too crowded on a saturday and they forgot one of our orders. They do make a good Tom Kha Gai though).

Then we went to Oddville Vaudeville at the 119 Gallery and saw [ profile] goat do her fabulous Juicy the Clown act, with a brand new, more varied number. Hee! Fun! And star and ringleader "lj user="spitcurl"> managed everything very well, it all came off beautifully, and the penultimate number was the great romp-with-eye-candy "Don't Feel My Tomatoes". Other highlghts included goth belly dancing, Miss Moonshine the flapper ukelele girl, and a sweet little Marilyn Monroe number. And a far, far better MC :)

Then we made it over in time to catch the later, quieter phase of [ profile] tamidon's White Trash party, which was good people, frightening yet delicious food, and good company all around. Yay!

Now to get more hacking done, and then gamely onward to dinner :)
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It's been a while since we've had a party up here, and there are a lot of people we'd love to see more of!
We're planning to do a fall (apple pie, cider, barbecue) sort of backyard bash.
With luck the silk rig will be up!

Saturday afternoon/evening, details to follow!


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