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So apparently the moderator of the graphic design community hates me, cause i posted this there and he rejected it as not suitable due to being about code, even though the community has similar code-help requests posted and answered ALL THE TIME. Eh, maybe just having a bad day? I think he hates me.

So... here is the post. Maybe some of my more web-oriented cohorts can identify the problem...

I'm developing this page with off-center elements at top and bottom... this community has been so good to me in the past, can you see what it is i must be missing?
The Page - The CSS
Looks right in IE! (colored container boxes are for diagnostics- not squiggle at bottom right- cute, eh?)
In Firefox, container ends before its contents, contents appear below end of page border. Weird!
ok, is there a simple setting that I'm missing? malformed tag? Ugh!
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why is it that when working with CSS I keep saying things like "What the fucking fuck... that is the weirdest thing!" ...which might be fun in some situations, but not when it's your css behaving strangely.
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Internet Explorer: Annoyingly broken, or source of thankless toil for CSS developers? You decide...
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Reposted for those of you who missed on the graphic design list...

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Has anyone had personal experience with migrating saved messages (mailboxes, addresses) from Eudora on the PC (win2k) to Mac Mail? I'd be happy with either bringing over the old mailboxes, or with archiving to a database. It'd just be good to have old emails around for reference, and have an easy way to bring everyone's addresses over.

The Googling i've been doing hasn't turned up anything that'd clearly be the right thing, so I'm looking for solutions that have actually worked for people. Thanks!!
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Anyone here do transcription? Or know someone who does?
What is the going rate (per minute? or page?)
What kind of tapes/recorders/media do people use these days?

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Big doings at work. My star client, who takes up 20 hrs a week of my time, has been having "cash flow problems" and only wants me for 10 hrs a week for the summer! I was just wondering how i'd find time for all the other consulting plus personal projects i want to do this summer... and blam! free time! but without losing the gig! This is the best news in a while.
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Wow, the people at this company!
Bug report of the day: "The website isn't working... I clicked a link and it didn't go anywhere."

ok... what page were you on, and what link did you click? (yes it was one link on one page of a 100+ page site, not a global problem)



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